• About Jessen's:

    Jessen's is a brand of functionality, creativity and design, est. in the late seventies. The times in the US after Woodstock and other events swept over to Europe, and had influenced more free thinking in many sectors, also in art and design. Although it wasn’t a part of the plan from the beginning, the demand for quality and unique approach from project to project at Jessen's, was always included as a main issue in all our works, allways with deep roots in, and inspiration from natur.


  • DANI logo

    DANI is the department for unrivaled handmade finger skateboards made from multi-layer high quality veneer. The products are both serially produced and unique limited editions.

  • LBJ logo

    JESPR is the department for PR. We design, layout and maintain various media. Many things for print, web and prototyping. We work with Adobe Creative Cloud and other professional design tools.

  • LBJ logo

    LBJ / NERDO / Jessen's are all trademarks in the production of hand-made and CNC machined personal acessories and PR-products. Production of small series and prototypes, i.a. in leather, wood and plastics. We emphasize environmental and sustainable production.